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Hi, I’m David Day

David Day, an engineer, inventor, and magician…


Always get things done within a limited time. Thus, I’m good at hackathons.


Familiar with a variety of development and research tools. Proficient in dozens of programming languages.


Self-study coding since 12 years old, starting with PHP and Python. Pretty confident in my implementation skills.

Featured Work

Adam Plan

An educational web game to let players build their own planet and explore it. It brings the concept of the physical and chemical dual engine that greatly expands the freedom of the game in the environment setting and cuts into additional simulations: players can customize the environment parameters so that the science engine can generate the atmosphere color changes due to different chemical components.

Care Mask

A microphone-integrated mask to detect user status in real-time to identify the emotion or symptoms of the user. The concept is to stop the machine by observing the fight-or-flight response, a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

Spectrogram of sample sound

I am driven by challenges

Seeking breakthroughs and indefatigable are principles that illuminate my life.

Break through the limits, once you give up means the end, maybe there is still hidden power that even you are not aware of, do not be confined by the so-called limits.

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